"Follow the footsteps of the Apostle Paul as he boldly brings the Gospel to the Gentile world of Asia Minor, the cradle of Christianity. Ascend with John to his heavenly vision as you visit
Patmos and the churches of the Revelation. Visit the Biblical lands and experience how the
geography has transformed the lives of the faithful and tested their reliance on God."

- Ivan De Silva
TWU and PLBC Religious Studies instructor, Ivan has led several groups to
Israel, the Middle East, Turkey, Greece and Italy. He is active in his church teaching ministry.


BIBLICAL TOURS > Turkey & Greece (May 15 - June 2, 2018)

Hagia Sophia, Istanbul

Peter Church, Antioch




Agora, Smyrna


Parthenon, Athens



(in US$)

$3,600 Per Person in Double Room


• 1 Nights at 4 star Arcadia Hotel in
   Istanbul or similar
• 2 Nights at 4 star Mavi Surmeli
   Hotel in Adana or similar
• 1 Night at 4 star Dedeman Hotel in
   Konya or similar
• 2 Nights at 4 star Best Western
   Khan Hotel in Antalya or similar
• 1 Night at 4 star Doga Thermal
   Hotel in Pamukkale or similar
• 1 Night at 4 star Moevenpick Hotel
   in Izmir or similar
• 2 Nights at 4 star Marina Hotel in
   Kusadasi or similar
• 1 Night at 4 star Iris Hotel in
   Canakkale or similar
• 1 Night at 3 star Oceanis Hotel in
   Kavala or similar
• 1 Night at 3 star El Greco Hotel in
   Thessaloniki or similar
• 1 Night at 3 star Adoniadis Hotel in
   Kalambaka or similar
• 3 Nights at 3 star Acropolis Select,
   or Philippos or similar
• Daily open breakfasts and 17
• Sightseeing as per the itinerary
• Roundtrip ferry to Patmos
• Guided Patmos tour with local guide
• Transportation by private A/C bus
   throughout the tour
• English speaking, Bible-oriented,
   professional tour guides throughout
   the tour
• All Entry fees to the sites &
• Tips to the hotel and restaurant
• Service charges & local taxes
• Archaeological Map of Turkey with
   Biblical information for each
   participant, T-shirts, bags, luggage
• Tips to the tour guides and drivers
• Istanbul- Adana domestic flight
• Turkish Visa Fee: US and Canadian
   citizens can get the Turkish Visa
   online  or, upon
   arrival by paying the visa fee cash
   ($20 for US citizens and $60 for
   Canadian citizens). US and
   Canadian citizens do not need a
   visa for Greece. Citizens of ALL
   other countries are responsible for
   checking their own countries’ visa
   regulations for Turkey and Greece.


• International flights
• Drinks and lunches
• All personal expenses, Travel &
   Health Insurance
Single occupancy rate is


Following Paul Ascending with John

May 15 – June 2, 2018
Tour Host: Ivan De Silva


DAY 0 May 15 Tues:         Depart Home for Istanbul, Turkey

DAY 1 May 16 Wed:          Arrive at Istanbul Airport by 5pm Local Time
Your tour guide will meet you at Istanbul Airport after the customs and baggage claim.  Meet and drive out to a leisurely evening Boat Cruise on Bosphorus – see both European and Asian shores of Istanbul.  After sunset, check-in to hotel dinner and overnight in Istanbul (1nt).

DAY 2 May 17 Thu:            Istanbul Day Tour - Fly to Adana (ADA)Walk the heart of Istanbul Old City, visit the St Chora Church, and Hippodrome Square. We will visit the Archaeological Museum and nearby Museum of the Ancient Orient — two world class museums where artefacts from all over the Near East have been collected — including the famous Jerusalem Temple Inscription and the inscription from Hezekiah’s Tunnel (also from Jerusalem), the Gezer Calendar, the Titus Inscriptions, City Walls from Babylon, and other important items. Walk through St. Sophia (Hagia Sophia) that, for 1000 years, was the largest church in Christendom. Built by Justinian (532-537 AD), the church has 107 columns and beautiful glass mosaics. Dinner at a local restaurant or at the airport. Transfer to airport for TK 2470 21:10/22:45  flight to Adana. (B,D) 

DAY 3 May 18 Fri:              Antioch (Hatay) – Seleucia Pieria
Visit Antioch
, the place where the followers of Jesus were first called Christians. Here you will visit the Church of St. Peter, a grotto discovered by the Crusaders and reputed to be the cave church where early Christians met in secret. At the Mosaic Museum in Antioch you will see an unusually rich collection of mosaics from this area. Following your visit at the museum, you will go to the Seleucia Pieria, the ancient port town of Antioch from which Paul and Barnabas set out on their first journey and where Paul returned afterwards. Overnight Adana. (B,D) 

DAY 4 May 19 Sat:            Tarsus – Lystra – Iconium (Konya)
After breakfast you will have an early departure from Antioch as you drive to Tarsus, the city where the Apostle Paul was born. You will visit the Church of St. Paul as well as the recently excavated remains of the Roman Tarsus in the town center. You will take a short walk to the site known as the Well of St. Paul. Then, you will then visit the area of ancient Lystra also twice visted by Paul. It was here Paul healed a lame man and later was raised after being battered with stones. Here also Paul met Timothy who later accompanied him on some of his travels. Drive to Iconium where Paul and Barnabas used the synagogue as their forum to address the local people. They angered the authorities there and were warned in time to escape being attacked. Overnight in Konya (1nt). (B,D)

DAY 5 May 20 Sun:           Psidian Antioch – Antalya
After breakfast you will depart and drive to Yalvac, ancient Antioch of Pisidia. Paul visited this town on his first missionary journey and it is here that he addressed the congregation in the synagogue on the Sabbath with his first recorded sermon. You will visit the excavations here and then continue to Antalya (Attalia Acts 14:25-26) with a very scenic drive through the lakes and the rocky mountains. Visit the Antalya Archaeological Museum if time allows. Dinner and overnight will be at the hotel in Antalya (2nts). (B,D) 

DAY 6 May 21 Mon:           Perge – Aspendos – Antalya
Morning visit to Perga, an ancient city even when Paul visited there. He and Barnabas went through Perga on their way from and to Antioch on their first journey. You will visit the Perga Theater, the Agora Stadium, and the columned streets. You will also visit Aspendos, one of the best preserved theaters in the world. Then, tour Old City Antalya, the ancient port city, including the St Paul Cultural Center. (B,D) 

DAY 7 May 22 Tue:           Colossae – Laodicea – Hierapolis (Pamukkale)
Drive to the unexcavated site of Colossae (Paul’s letter to the Colossians) on the foothills of Mount Honaz. You will continue to Laodicea, one of the Seven Churches of Revelation (Rev 3:14-22), who were chastised for being lukewarm. Then on to Hierapolis that is blessed by hot mineral springs and some of the best-preserved Roman ruins in Asia Minor. Christianity came to Hierapolis via Epaphras (Col. 4:12-13). The ruins cover more than a square mile including Temple of Apollo, the impressive theater with seats still in perfect condition and thermal pools that still has ancient columns in it. Dinner and overnight in Pamukkale, meaning “Cotton Castle”, the modern resort town built around the hot pools (1nt). (B,D) 

DAY 8 May 23 Wed:          Philadelphia (Alasehir) – Sardis – Smyrna (Izmir)
After breakfast you will travel to Philadelphia (now called Alasehir). We’ll see remains of a Byzantine basilica as well as some eleventh century frescoes. Philadelphia and Smyrna were the only two churches among the Seven about which nothing bad was said by John. From there we’ll travel to Sardis, one of the most picturesque areas of any of the Seven Churches, but berated by John the Prophet for its facade of strength when, in reality, it was weak (Rev. 3:1-6). Coins were first minted in Sardis. The massive Temple of Artemis, the Royal Road, the gymnasium and the synagogue will impress you. You’ll see the remains of a small Byzantine church. If time allows, we continue the day by driving to Akhisar ancient Thyatira (Rev. 2:18-29) and original home of Lydia (Acts 16:11-5). Finally, you will proceed to Izmir (ancient Smyrna), one of the Seven Churches and one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities of the world. Overnight in the large modern city of Izmir (1nt). (B,D) 

DAY 9 May 24 Thu:           Ephesus – Kusadasi
After breakfast you will leave Izmir and drive to Ephesus , the first of the Seven Churches, for a visit. You will see the amazing ruins of this great city: the theater, the library, the Temple of Hadrian and the newly excavated Roman Terrace Houses. You will also visit the Celsus Library. Continue on to Kusadasi for overnight (2nts). (B,D) 

DAY 10 May 25 Fri:           Boat Cruise to Patmos (Day Trip)
Travel by boat to the island of Patmos and visit the famous site where John received his revelation of Jesus Christ (Rev. 1:9). Return to Kusadasi for overnight. (B,D)

DAY 11 May 26 Sat:          Pergamum (Bergama) – Alexander Troas – Canakkale
Leave Kusadasi for Bergama which is the site of ancient Pergamum, one of the Seven Churches, where, according to Revelation, the “Throne of Satan” was located (Rev. 2:12-17). Visit the towering acropolis—1000 feet above the town. Will also visit the healing center (Ascelpion) on the plain below the acropolis.. You will visit the Acropolis there and see the impressive theater, the Temple of Athena, and other ruins of former civilizations. You will continue to Odun Iskelesi to visit the site and the port of Alexandria-Troas where Paul raised the boy, Eutychus. Paul visited this area at least twice, and received his vision to go to Macedonia from here (Acts 16; 20; etc.). See the harbor and the new excavation area. Then if time allows, visit the legendary Troy and see the replica of the Wooden Horse. Dinner and overnight in the coastal town of Canakkale, for our final night in Turkey (1nt). (B,D) 

DAY 12 May 27 Sun:         To GREECE – Dardanelles Border Crossing – Neapolis (Kavala)
Cross the Dardanelles Strait by car ferry. Change buses for an easy border crossing. Drive the border into Greece and transfer to your Greek bus and guide, and continue to Kavala (Neapolis in the New Testament) for our first night in Greece (1nt). (B,D) 

DAY 13 May 28 Mon:        Neapolis (Kavala) – Philippi – Amphipolis – Thessaloniki
Visit Neapolis (now known as Kavala), one of Greece's most picturesque mainland ports. Paul landed here with his disciples, Timothy and Silas. See the Roman Aqueduct and Acropolis. Enjoy a picturesque drive to the city of Philippi, where Paul, intending to find a place to pray by the riverside, spoke to women who had gathered there among whom was Lydia, the seller of purple and whose heart the Lord opened to hear the words that he spoke (Acts 16:13-15). At Philippi, Paul established the first church in Europe, and Lydia was the first Christian to be baptized on European soil. Visit the place where this event is remembered and see a crypt dating from the Roman period, which is thought to have served as a prison for the apostle Paul. Then, travel onto Amphipolis, where you will see the ruins of many Christian basilicas. Pass through Apollonia like the apostle Paul and Silas. Overnight in the Thessaloniki area (1nt). (B,D) 

DAY 14 May 29 Tues:       Thessaloniki – Berea (Veria) – Meteora Mountains
Start the morning in Thessaloniki, the city where Paul was accused of turning the world upside down by his preaching of Christ (Acts 17: 3-6), and the church to which he addressed his Thessalonian epistles, visit St. George's Basilica, where tradition holds it is built over the synagogue where Paul preached. View the Old City Ramparts, and the Galerius Arch that rises over the Via Egnatia. Visit the Archaeological Museum. See two of the most beautiful basilicas in the city, St. Sophia and St. Demetrios, dedicated to a distinguished member of the Roman army and a martyred Christian convert. When the apostle Paul arrived in Berea (Veria), he went to the Jewish synagogue, where he discovered the Jews had accepted the new faith along with some honorable Greeks (Acts 17:10-12). Visit the rock forest of the Meteora Mountains in western Thessaly and ponder the rough terrain in which the apostle Paul walked during his missionary journey. See famous Byzantine monasteries perch precariously on summits of soaring, sheer-sided grey rock pinnacles of varied and spectacular shapes. Visit one of these monasteries. Continue on to the mountainside village of Kalambaka for overnight (1nt). (B,D) 

DAY 15 May 30 Wed:        Delphi – Athens
Travel to scenic Delphi, on the slopes of Mt. Parnassos, in a landscape of unparalleled natural beauty and majesty. Delphi was considered the religious center of the ancient Greek world, the center of the world and marked by the conical stone called the omphalos or navel. We will visit the Sanctuary of Apollo where the oracle performed his or her prophetic rituals, the Treasury of the Athenians, and walk the Sacra Via. With pagan ruins surrounding your walk, capture a glimpse of the challenge the apostle Paul incurred in preaching the Gospel of Christ in Macedonia. Visit the Museum that contains masterpieces of ancient Greek sculpture such as the famous athlete Aghias, the important Gallio Inscription, and the 5th C. bronze Charioteer complete with even eyelashes. Drive on to the ancient and modern Greek capital of Athens for the final leg of the journey (3nts). (B,D)

DAY 16 May 31 Thu:         Athens Day Tour
Explore the splendors of Athens in a guided walking tour to the world renowned Acropolis, the Propylaea, the Parthenon, and the Erectheum. View Mars Hill (or Areogapus) where the apostle Paul delivered his well-known sermon, " I found an altar with this inscription, TO THE UNKNOWN GOD. Whom therefore ye ignorantly worship, him declare I unto you" (Acts 17:23). See the Agora, the ancient market place and center of the Athenian public life, where the apostle Paul preached "Jesus and the resurrection" (Acts 17:18) to the skeptical Athenians. The rest of the day will be free for leisure time – the Acropolis Museum is highly recommended. (B,D) 

DAY 17 June 1 Fri:            Corinth – Mycenae – Cenchreae – Farewell in Athens
For the final day, head just outside of Athens by the Saronic Gulf to Corinth, the city where Paul met Aquilla and Priscilla, the tent makers, and where the Lord spoke to Paul by a vision saying, "I am with thee, and no man shall set on thee to hurt thee: for I have much people in this city" (Acts 18:10). Here, Crispus, the chief ruler of the synagogue believed in the LORD, and many Corinthians as well, in hearing Paul believed and were baptized (Acts 18:8). Thus, began the church at Corinth to whom Paul wrote two epistles. Visit the Archaeological Museum, the Market Place and Temples. Walk among the ruins and stand on the Bema where Paul stood before Gallio facing charges brought by the Jews that were dropped. Paul stayed awhile in Corinth before leaving for Syria from the port at Cenchraeae (Acts 18: 12-18). After Corinth we motor to the famous wealthy antiquity site of Mycenae. On the way back to Athens we visit the ruins of the early Christian 5th century basilica at the port of Cenchreae (Acts 18:18; Rom 16:1). Some leisure time to enjoy the final afternoon/evening in Athens before a group farewell dinner. (B,D)

DAY 18 June 2 Sat:           End of the Tour – Transfer to Athens Airport for flight back home.

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