Sidamara-type Sarcophagus

Townley Discobolus

Alexander Sarchophagus

including the following Biblical Artifacts

1. Siloam Inscription - Stone inscription removed from Hezekiah’s tunnel in Jerusalem shortly after it was discovered in 1880 CE. This tunnel was dug ca. 710 BCE to connect Gihon spring with the pool of Siloam. Biblical references: 2 Kings 20:20; 2 Chron 32:30; John 9:7. 

2. Herod’s “Thanatos” temple inscription - Stone inscription from the temple in Jerusalem, forbidding Gentiles to enter under penalty of death. Biblical references: Acts 21:27-31; 24:6,12,13. Only two known copies exist; the other (a partial and less-well preserved one) is in the Rockefeller Museum in Jerusalem.

3. Gezer Calendar - Discovered in Gezer excavations about 1908, and Gezer boundary stone, used by Clermont-Ganneau to identify Gezer in 1874 CE. Only two exist in the world; again, the other is in the Rockefeller Museum in Jerusalem. 

4. Tile panels from the Ishtar gate, Babylon (from the reign of Nebuchadnezzar, ca. 605-562 BCE). There is an extensive collection in the island museum in old East Berlin, and perhaps one panel in the Louvre, but the Istanbul display is said to be second only to Berlin in the world. They are in Rooms III and IX in the Ancient Orient building of the museum. 

There are of course many other artifacts in the museum, but for just a short trip, these are perhaps the most important from a Biblical standpoint.


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